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    issue with scanning a file



      At my work place, in order to use a file on our PC, i need to pass a security scan with McAfee and a site called virustotal.com, as a preliminary check.

      I need to use this file i also attached, which is located at this link : Ghostscript: Ghostscript Downloads     - "Ghostscript 9.19 for Windows (32 bit)"  - Ghostscript GPL Release"


      for some reason in the website virustotal.com - i get a virus free confirm by McAfee but i get an alert by McAfee-GW-Edition saying "BehavesLike.Win32.Tool.tc" , also just for mentioning on the 64 bit version on the download page it finds it free of alerts.

      my first question is this file secured to use? as i cant run it yet on my McAfee on my work place as they demand it to pass on "virustotal" as a preliminary check, so i did like to get a confirm decision by you guys.

      my second question is what is McAfee-GW-Edition and why the mcAfee finds this file as clean while the other one mention a risk?

      hope you guys can solve this little issue for me,

      best regards


      attachment removed in case it actually is infected. submit the sample as CD suggested and things should be sorted out soon.