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    monitis agent over proxy (McAfee Web Gateway


      since years we use monitis agent on linux.

      shortly we got a proxy-server to route outgoing traffic from our servers to monitis-servers (agent1.monitoringnet.com agent2.monitoringnet.com).


      what we have now (monitis-agent on linux 64bit, agent version 4.02.65).


      • tomcat monitor is working fine over McAfee Web Gateway, we get data in our dashboard on monitis.
      • process/server-monitors (cpu and process-java) have troubles (ERROR: ssu_receive_response: select: Connection timed out. | Unable to establish connection to the server.).


      monits-support cannot tell, whats wrong (i.e. the say this is your proxy) but neither can explain why one monitor (tomcat) works fine while the others do not...


      ? has anyone experience with a similar setup  too?


      at the moment we do not have access to ops-people (log of proxy, configuration)