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    Recovering a slaved drive


      We have laptop drives that have been held due to a legal hold, but we no longer know what type of machine they came out of.  We just know that they have MEE7.0.3 on them. I have found that using a BARTPE CD with EETech on it, that I am able to connect the bare drive to a laptop with a SATA to USB cable.  I can then click the "set boot disk" button and change to drive1 and be able to authenticate to the slaved drive.  For some reason, this process does not work with a WINPE-created CD or with the EZPE created USB boot stick.  When I try using one of those, I can only see the local drive.  It does not see the slaved drive.


      We are going to be moving to DE7.1.3, and I see that BARTPE is no longer supported.  I did try to make a BARTPE CD with EETech for DE7.1.3 anyway, just to see if it would work, but it didn't.

      The question is, how do I make WINPE or the EZPE boot stick work so that I can select the slaved drive?  Or...if it's not possible, how do I build a BARPE CD that works with the new version of DE?  We definitely need to have some way to access drives that are no longer in a machine. 

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          Some more info on this....I've found that the issue is with the version of EETech.  If I'm using EETech v6.2, I'm able to see more than one boot disk.  EETech v7 and EETech v7.1.3 will not allow me to pick anything but the local disk.  Any idea as to why?

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            Hi Ssanfor,


            As far as I know DETech v7 and higher only supports operating from a Windows PE environment. This means you'll have to boot to a Windows PE USB to see the encrypted drive.

            As to how this drive can be connected - I have seen mixed results. On some occasions I have been able to decrypt a drive connected with a SATA-USB adapter and on some I had to connect it to the the laptop drive bay.