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    Mixed servers & moving clients

      I've only been "playing" with our ePO server and several thousand clients for a few months; before that someone else was responsible for the system.

      From some of the info on McAfee's support website, I see you can have mixed servers on a network; one 3.6.1 server and one 4.0 server.

      I need to upgrade our server to 4.0, but instead of doing a "simple" upgrade, I'm thinking of creating a new virtual server, doing a clean install of 4.0, and moving some (10-20) clients from the old 3.6.1 server to the new 4.0 server. Then, when I can see that the new server software is running smoothly and there are no/few problems with the clients, I can move the other clients in "chunks" of 50-100 at a time over the next few days.

      The reason for doing it this way is to minimize the problems/complaints that always follow any changes to our current server; when I upgraded from 3.5 to 3.6.1, the "simple" upgrade left me with dozens of clients having problems. I've also seen some people here have such difficult problems with 4.0 that they have rolled back to 3.6; if that happens to us in this scenario, we just move the few clients back onto the old server.

      Can you see any problems with the process I've outlined?

      Although I've seen some posts talking about "moving clients to another server", I don't see any details about that...what's the process for that?

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          No responses? Maybe I was too "wordy"...OK, let's try this a different way...:confused:

          If I want to move clients from one ePO server to another, is it as simple as "deleting" that client from Server A and adding the client to Server B?

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            you need to run the EPO agent from the correct server which will then point the client to the appropriate server.
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              Just to update things...

              I did create a virtual machine and installed the 4.0 version of ePO on it (which went pretty smoothly). I'm still in the process of recreating some of the directory "tree" that we have on the 3.6.1 server, and the process is slow but steady. I've deleted 10 of the clients from the old server (directing the server to uninstall the agent for those clients as part of the deletion), then added those clients to the new server. I directed the new server to install the agent onto those machines, then did a Wakeup Call to the agents.

              I did the addition of the clients to the new server all at the same time, but so far (about 12 hours later) only about half of them are showing any data on the System Information page; the rest just say "No McAfee Agent properties available at this time"...what might be preventing the rest of these clients from showing their data? Did they not get the agent properly? If I did them all at the same time, in the same way, why would some get the agent while others did not?

              gmc_za, this was the process you meant, correct? To push the agent from the new server to the clients?