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    Error updating VSE


      Trying to update to and keep getting:


      02/06/2016 19:55:10InfoahclientAgent communication session started
      02/06/2016 19:55:10InfoahclientAgent is connecting to ePO server
      02/06/2016 19:55:11InfoschedulerThe task VirusScan 8.8 with Patch 7 has failed
      02/06/2016 19:55:11InfoschedulerScheduler: Task [VirusScan 8.8 with Patch 7] is finished
      02/06/2016 19:55:11InfoschedulerThe task VirusScan 8.8 with Patch 7 is freed
      02/06/2016 19:55:12InfoDataChannel.ManagerPackage uploaded to ePO Server successfully
      02/06/2016 19:55:12InfoahclientAgent communication session closed




      Any pointers on why it fails?

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          There is nothing in the information you've posted to help indicate why the installation may have failed. Are you using distributed repositories? Did you just check the package in? If you're using distributed repositories, did you perform a replication to push the content to the repositories?


          If you are simply updating an existing VSE install, you don't need to use a Product Deployment task. Patches are pushed via Product Update tasks, or by right clicking and running Update Security from the Agent tray-icon, if enabled in your environment. If you are only pushing DAT/Content via product update tasks, you'd want to use the Update Security feature to perform an immediate update, or you will need to configure a scheduled Product Update task that will update patches and service packs.

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            Thanks Tomz2, Have been off until now and will try today.

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              We are using distributed repositories and the task respository sync runs hourly and is successful.


              The packages where updated early last week but only started to be a problem on Thursday.


              Have tried to deploy to devices with an agent but no AV and the task keeps failing.

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                Maybe the agents are not at the right level:

                from you have to bring them up first to to install P7.