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    McAfee Support Failure


      I opened a ticket on 5/10 for an issue I am having deploying VSE from my EPO server.  I went round and round with support, updating software packages, updating EPO, updating everything for a week until they closed out the ticket as a "Misroute" on 5/17.  I immediately opened a new ticket for the same issue.  Since then I have been forwarded the same article related to updating root certificates on my server about 4 different times.  After confirming each time that the certificates were already installed, and finally insisting that the issue be escalated to the next level of support, the ticket was sent to a Tier 2 VSE Support engineer.  The first thing they did was send me the same link describing how to update root certificates on my server.  Next they sent me a "VSE Ripper Tool" which was supposed to completely remove all  VSE software from my computers.  That resulted in the same error message during deployment.   I have have updated install packages, updated my EPO server, reinstalled certificates, collected all logs and system information from my server and client machines and sent that over, and i am still receiving the same "The task Deploy VSE 8.8 has failed" message whenever I try to push the VSE software to any server or workstation.  I'm coming up on a month since I first reached out for help on this.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go from here?