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    epo 3.6.0

      i have the 3.6.0 epo,and my clients are using 8.0.0 vse with 5200 engine.
      some of my clients are showing on my epo database and other are not,but when i update all off the are taking the dat files from the server i have??
      what is the problem can anyone help
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          So you have machines that you have confimed have an active and working CMA agent installed and that agent is working and updateing from the epo server (confimed through the agent log) but the agent does not show in EPO directory?

          Are the workstations updateing from the EPO main repository or somehwre else?
          What version of the CMA agent are you using?
          Have any of the machines been imaged after an agent was installed?
          How did you install your agents to the workstations?

          This could be duplicate GUIDs depending on how you have installed your agents or many other things.
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            i am using the 3.5.0 agent.and all the computers are updateing from the server.nothing was imaged,yes they are updating from the main rep,some machine i updated through epo and got it,the rest didnt get it from epo,so i didnt it manualy,
            i have put the FramePkg in a folder where user can access and instal it from there.
            anything else