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    Web Gateway - Redirect Non-AD users


      In a use case scenario, some contractors come in and connect their personal workstations to our "Internal Network"  when they should be connecting to the guest wireless.


      I want to create a rule set to redirect non-AD users that attempt to connect to that subnet to the customized template, informing them to disconnect from that network and connect to the "guest wireless".


      Once a non-AD user opens the browser to immediately redirect them to the template without prompt. I'd like the proxy to check IF requests are coming from IPRange 10.x.x.1 - 10.x.x.255 and IF computer is not connected to the Domain (or detect if the user is not in AD without prompting for credentials), to redirect to template. Is that possible?

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          We have a rule set in the library that ships with the product called "Try Auth". If somebody comes in MWG answers with a 407, trying to get the client to authenticate via NTLM. If the authentication failed (because the computer is not in the domain) some other action is triggered. This could be the template you are looking for. You may have to add the check for the IP Range, but I think that should be easy to do.