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    Issues with Rogue Sensor


      Hi All

      Im having difficulty understanding an issue we are having with our Rogue Sensors and cannot find the answer on here.

      Under Detected Systems we had a subnet listed in the Covered section. The same subnet was also listed in the Uncovered section. There are a few instances of this with other subnets.

      I decided to delete the entry under the Uncovered section due to it being in the Covered section as well, however this then threw up a load of Rogue Sensor alerts for the machines on that range.


      The subnet has its own server with a Distributed Repository and Rogue sensor installed on, and the machines in question appear to have the latest Agent on and are talking back to McAfee and coming up as managed.


      Any idea how I get McAfee to realise these systems are on a covered subnet and not Rogue systems? Only options I can see are to add to exception list which I shouldnt need to do.


      Thanks in advance.