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    EPO 5.3.1 \ Migration\Consolidation


      Hi Experts,


      Trust you all are doing great.


      I am posting this question to clarify few doubts and best recommendation with regard to consolidating 4 epo server to one primary server


      What i am trying to achieve:

      We have 4 epo servers in different sites

      1) EPO server in netherlands

      2) EPO server in malemberg

      3) EPO server in finland

      4) In house EPO serving the local users in india

      Kindly note the above EPO servers connect to their individual database servers.

      We are planning to consolidate 1st 2nd and 4th epo server to Finland epo server

      So having said that i would need an experts advice how do we carry this transition process. I have gone through KB to register server and transfer systems.

      So my concern is do i have to register EPO 3 in EPO 1 and 2 ? to transfer systems from 1 and 2 to 3 ? or do i have to register EPO 1, 2 in EPO 2 i.e finland server ?

      When the systems are transferred does the policy assigned to the systems on EPO 1 and EPO2 will also be retained in EPO 3 ?


      I had also seen a video by one of the experts to use EEDK ( End point deployment toolkit to create a custom package of mcafee agent by downloading agent package from primary server (i.e EPO finland server 3) and check in the custom build package to master repositories of EPO server 1 and 2 and push it to the systems. So that in the next ASCI all the systems will report to EPO 3 finland server. is this method gono retain the policies or do i have to manually export policies and task from EPO 1, 2 and import it to EPO 3 ?


      I downloaded EEDK want to know what information do i need to fill in the fields Kindly refer to attached screenshot


      1) Select file or folder containing software package ?  >will this be mcafee agent package ?

      2) Set software package properties, What information do i need to fill in there ?


      I would really appreciate your thoughts on this and your valuable advices to complete this task.


      Thanks and Regards,