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    ProtectionPilot agents showing Not up-to-date, Not Communicating, pending

      Hi there,

      We are having an issue with our protection pilot setup.

      We have 113 servers, 67 are up to date, 5 are pending, 9 are not communicating, 32 not up-to-date.

      the agents that are showing as not up-to-date only have the name populated in computer conditions. I have checked though and they are retrieving the correct updates from our server.

      I have tried deleting and adding again, which pushes it into pending.

      I can't seem to make these go up-to-date?

      There are servers showing as not communicating, however they are online and getting updates fine (updatelogs are showing they are retrieving from our ePO_machinename repositoriy fine).

      Any help will be much appreciated!! This is doing my head in :confused:

      our server version is, our Agent version is, the engine/dat versions are up to date (5200.2160/5288.0000).