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    McAfee and Windows update




      Yesterday i started for the first time my new laptop Asus. (Win 10 .0 version 10240 was in and McAfee to)

      McAfee internet security have found some Windows updates (some x13 KB...). They was installed with success (cheked in history of Win update)


      Today i have uninstall McAfee internet security, it was with a valid subscription. Thats all what i have do. After, i have launch Windows update and he dont want found updates because error code 0x80240fff


      Microsoft tell that :




      When a Windows Update client connects to an internal server that has custom content published to it, the client may encounter error code 0x80240fff. After encountering this error, the client can no longer install updates.



      This error can occur if custom content uses a Product name that matches an existing Category name. For example, this can occur if you create a product within SCUP named "Tools". This leads to an issue when evaluating the categories since there is now a product named "Tools" and an update classification called "Tools".
      Can you think McAfee uninstall have make my problem ?