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    VSE 8.8 Patch 7 installation failed because of missing VeriSign G5 certificate


      Hi all


      I just had the issue that several Patch 7 installations failed (mostly on Server OS) because of the missing VeriSign G5 certificate. I know it is a known issue which is described in KB86972. After installing the VeriSign G5 certificate Patch 7 can successfully be installed.


      I just wonder how you all handle this issue and how you make sure that the certificate is available on all systems? Are you deploying it via GPO? I also wonder why McAfee doesn't integrate the certificate into the Patch 7 installer (don't know if the certificate is part of the full installer) to avoid such errors.

      Would it make sense to make a PER for this and if yes, where can I open a PER? It seems that Symantec does already install the certificate during product Endpoint Protection installation ("Note: As of 12.1.5, if the required certificates are missing, Symantec Endpoint Protection installs the certificates during installation instead of prompting you to install them.")


      Does someone have any hints or tips regarding this?


      kind regards