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    On-Access Scanner Kills IronKey and the Virtual Drive.


      We use the IronKey to transfer our Baseline for our cloud based infrastructure to site, I host the baseline on an HP g8 server. IT uses the McAfee On-Access Scannerly


      Basically, I plug the drive in (D:) then unlock the secure volume (I:) and I transfer the data (approx 300gb) to the key.  The On-Access Scanner seems to lock the Ironkey and it drops the virtual drive mid transfer.  I've been able to stop the process but it restarts every 30mins, then I have to stop it again. THis is proof that this is the culprit.  Also, I've added the drive letters to the Exclusions but again every 29mins the policy updates and overwrites my exclusions.  to


      Does anyone have an idea aside from changing the policy to stop this from killing my drives?  IronKey points to McAfee as does my testing, I'm pretty sure we will not be able to permanently add these drives to exclusions list (security issues).  I'm looking for a work around, because IT is as flexible as a table.