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    HIPS without IPS with ePO?


      OK, pardon the stupid questions.


      A long time ago, we had McAfee HIPS installed to integrate with ePO.


      We're really only using the firewall portion of HIPS, but the PC reports:

      HIPS build:

      security content version:


      ePO reports:

      Extensions for HIPS:


      software for HIPS: Install Package:

      Patch 7:



      Now, the helpdesk is requesting that we create a new "build" of HIPS that's the latest so that they can add it as a sequence task in MS SCCM imaging, but then they emailed us this, and I don't know if it's true or not?:


      I do see the latest HIPS package (which is without IPS) imported into ePO (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator) console.  The latest release of McAfee HIPS does not include the IPS portion.  McAfee has done away with it.

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          Kary Tankink

          HIP 8.0 does not have a build package without IPS; there is only 1 installer.  You can purchase HIPS as Firewall only, which basically doesn't activate the IPS functionality, but it is still only one installer.  The full HIPS software is installed with IPS/FW, but if you don't activate the IPS functionality, it just shows Firewall functionality in the ClientUI.


          Are they referring to the ENS software?  Endpoint Protection 10.1 includes Firewall functionality, but not (full-blown) IPS functionality (yet).  It does have limited IPS functionality included though.

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            Hello Kary,


            That answers the question perfectly.  No, they're not referring to ENS,I think they just mis-read the download from McAfee where the actual .zip file says something like: HIPS without IPS or something like that.