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    domain authentication logging into ePO


      We have an ePO (5.1.1) setup on one domain [call it domain1], it has permissions sets configured, and ldap user syncing setup and running as well.  We have another domain [call it domain2] that we'd like to have users log into the ePO on domain1 using their credentials from domain2.  We have a trust setup between the 2 domains, and have added a group [call it group2] on domain2 that contains users we want to give access to the ePO setup on domain1.  There is another group [call it group1] on domain1 that is added to a permission set to give users access to log in.  Inside group1 on domain1 we added the group2 from domain2 as a member, and all looks good.  When a user tries to login to the ePO using domain2\username it fails.  The orion log shows the following message: User did not have any permission sets or mapped groups: domain2\username. rejecting login.  Is this possible, should it work?  Now the trust may just be one way, only going from domain1 to domain2, which I'm thinking is the issue.