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    DLP 9.4 Patch 1 > 2,  DEVICE RULES, BUG in display IE11 and can't delete any migrated (


      third party DLP_2016-05-24 17-21-14.jpg


      IS there a MINUS , DELETE Button we are missing to remove ONE of the Rules below in DLP 9.4 P2???




      Well we kind of wanted to migrated from DLP 9.3 to 9.3 but i don't like it. The integration of the third party product kind of failed (Just a personal view...). I know you had to intergated crossbrowser from a runtime but still it's possible better.


      Sometimes with DLP 9.3.X the Groups for Exlusion came with Devices. > We had to re-arange all exlusion devices

      With the DLP 9.3 > 9.4 migration this was suddenly missing. With DLP 9.4 Patch 2 it came back.


      * I found no special instrcution IF we have to convert DLP 9.4 P1 to P2 Policies like there was with 9.3 > 9.4

      * We jumped back to 9.4 after we did see that P2 meesed up all our exceptions in Device Controll


      Status: EPO5.3.1, IE11, DLP 9.4 P2 (


      > After Migration from DLP 9.4P1 to P2




      * When we OPEN a device Rule set in IE sometimes all entrys come sometimes a few are missing thats a clear bug

      * We switched in Server SETTINGS on/OFF to Strict Device etc.

      * Backward is set to 9.4

      * The AND/OR are there like 8-9 pcs BUT i can't delete any > There is NO I (MINUS) or delete button (Under Devices or Exceptions etc.)


      I did the Migration today again from a Snapshot we made.


      Any help welcome ;-)


      Greeting from Switzerland