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    Use Contains with criteria "authentication.usergroups" for a Rule


      Hi all,


      I have one question about the use of the criteria authentication.usergroups followed by the the contains word.


      We have several rules like this:



      Our full name Active directory groups are created with this string:




      If you look, complete string adds the "_G" at the end of the name's group,


      I have seen that with the criteria that I have configured, the rule doesn't work because the AD group does not match with the criteria. However, if I change the criteria and configure "Authentication.usergroups contains Exclusion_TeamViewer_G" with the full string, the rules work.


      my question is about the contains word and how does it work with this criteria:


      - "Contains" refers to one part of the name of the AD group?, so for example that "Exclusion_TeamViewer_G" would contain "Exclusion_Teamviewer" and it will match with the rule criteria and work?

      - or by the opposite, I think that "contains" refers to a full string attribute of AD like the complete name and if it isn't the full string, the criteria won't work correctly?



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          In this context, "contains" is more like a database lookup -- as in List X contains entry Entry Y within the list -- so you are correct that it looks for exact matches. If you want to match on partial entries then you'll need to use wildcards alon gwith the "contains at least one match" comparison.




          Authentication.usergroups contains Exclusion_TeamViewer_G


          Authentication.usergroups contains at least one match Exclusion_TeamViewer*