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    ePO update failed through WebGateway proxy




      We use a mcafee ePO server on a Windows 2012 server that is in a workgroup (not in windows domain). We would like to update the repository through the mcafee web gateway proxy with local database authentication.

      Our problem is that only the Basic authentication is working with the proxy. The NTLM auth authentication is not working and the update is failed. The NTLM autehtication is working perfectly with the Internet Explorer.

      It seems in the tcpdump the authentication response is missing from the ePO server.


      from the ePO > Web Gateway NTLMSSP NEGOTIATION #OK

      from the Web Gateway > ePO NTLMSSP CHALLENGE #OK

      from the ePO > Web Gateway NTLMSSP AUTH #MISSING


      ePO server task log

      McAfeeHttp 5/23/16 9:51:33 AM ERROR Failed to download file catalog.z from site update.nai.com:80, error code 12015


      Thanks for any idea!