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    epo 3.6.1 - performing tasks from command line ?

      Is there a way from the command line to perform the tasks that are performed from right clicking in the Mcafee icon on the client


      Check New Policies
      Enforce New Policies
      etc, etc
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          For the epo agent, you can use the commandline options /P /C or /E

          /P is sending properties of the client to the ePO server
          /C is a check for new policies
          /E is enforce policies

          Use the commands after cmdagent.exe. You can find cmdagent.exe in program files\mcafee(or network associates)\common framework

          When you want to run the "Update now" task in acommand line you can use mcupdate.exe found in the virusscan program files dir. You'll have to use some commands and have to lookup the name of the task for it to work.

          First you'll have to look in the registry what the key is for the task. You can find the key in HKLM\software\. From there it depends on what version of virusscan you are running. for 8.0 it is "network associates\TVD\virusscan Enterprise\tasks. There you will find acouple of keys. look at the values in the keys. there is a value named szTaskname. that name has to be "AutoUpdate". Write down or copy the keyname (Looks like {A14CD6FC-......) cause you'll need it. The key wi'll be the same for all installations but they all have to be the same version to work (i think).

          Now. You can use the command "McUpdate.exe / Task {A14CD6FC-etc...} /Update". And, if you want to run it silent you can use /Quiet.

          Hope this helps you!
          • 2. How about deleting those tasks
            Thanks. Now to expand, what if I want to delete those tasks from the console?