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    Delay McAfee updates


      Hi All,


      We have recently in the last couple of weeks moved from McAfee SaaS to McAfee Cloud ePO as the old version was going end of life. I have found ePO to be a little more confusing as there is a separate policy for everything, however i am starting to get my head around the options and how it all ties together. We have had machine speed issues since moving to ePO which is a known issue and we have been told that an update was released that would fix this (10.1.1) which is great. I have read some documentation which advises to release updates to a test or pilot group before releasing to the rest of the network (i can't find the information now though). I was surprised this morning that when i clicked Update on my client the update window said it was downloading.


      I expected there to be an option in the ePO portal either on a task or on a policy that i could disable an updates or set which version it should download, i found this option under Mcafee Agent options but i could only select current for everything. I then dropped a call to Mcafee tech and they said on the cloud version you can't control which versions users run on or which/when updates are pushed out. Could anyone confirm this as this seems like such a simple or useful option for all administrators? I am now it a situation where the update could go out to all users and as a worst case scenario if there is a major bug it could stop all machines, users and our company from being able to function.


      I decided to turn to the community hoping that the Tech support is miss informed,