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    HIPS LPC Communication failed


      Good Morning,


      I have some systems with HIPS installed that keep having HIPS disappear from the product properties list when viewed on the ePO.  Also, the systems will no longer report any HIPS events or enforce new policies.  When I check each system locally, though, HIPS is still installed.  If each system is rebooted, HIPS re-appears in the product properties when the Agent checks in and all is well.  Within a few days, however, it drops off again.  I viewed the logs and found the following error in the Agent log.


      Unable to inform product HOSTIPS_8000 of LASTUSER [LPC Communication failed]-2


      It appears that LPC communication is failing for some reason.  I checked to make sure all of the HIPS services are running including LPC and they are.  Has anyone seen this issue and know how to fix it?