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    See Scan progress/status?


      I can't find a way to see the progress of a scheduled scan.  If I start one manually, I can see it by going to the "Scan Your PC" link in MA-TP.  How do I see the status of a scheduled scan, and its progress?  McAfee support is not able to answer this question, and can't seem to dial the phone to call me as they promised.


      I scheduled a scan just to see.  Mcafee gave me a Windows (10 Pro) notification that the scan is complete more than 10 minutes ago.  But my CPU usage is almost 60% from "McAfee Scanner service".  My laptop has an i7 (with four thread capability), an SSD and 16GB of memory.  It's fast.  Same with desktop, except about twice the CPU capability.  Why is McAfee still using so much CPU after the scan is supposedly finished?  Before the scan, it was using about 0.7% of my CPU.


      Scan using minimal system resources is checked.  The scan is supposed to be complete, but my CPU says no.  Is the point of owning a fast PC now just so you can run a scan in a reasonable amount of time?  You can't do much else while it's running.  Nothing else I do (embedded systems design, firmware, and PCB layout) slows my machine down as much as the protection.  I can compile large programs in a short time.


      Before installing Security software, I always wrestle with the question of whether it's better (less trouble) than getting an infection.  McAfee was free for me for three machines.  I'm still not sure I made the right choice.



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          You can hover your cursor over the McAfee Icon in your lower task bar tray, and it should reveal the Status/Progress of your scheduled/or On Demand Scan. When a scan is in progress,you will see a 'Grey' arrow rotating clockwise.


          To go one step further, you should be capable of 'Double Left Clicking' the McAfee Icon, and it will display the actual progress and files being scanned.


          Hope this helped,


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            It does change the icon in the tray (there's a blue blob in the lower right corner).  When I hover over that I get a Windows notification.  I am going to schedule another scan in a few minutes.  I think I tried to hover, but didn't see any information.  I will try again and report back.

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              Also make certain if you have just previously ran a 'On Demand Scan' please open your McAfee Security Center, and make certain you have clicked on the (Done) button. Especially before attempting to initiate another scan.

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                Thanks, catdaddy!  I am running a scheduled scan now and when I hover over the (changed- blue blob) icon, it gives the me old notification:  The scan is 100% done, etc.  But I know it's running because my CPU usage by McAfee is about 60%.

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                  Sorry- I forgot to say- I don't see a "Done" button in my interface.

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                    You are quite welcome Not for certain if you are running a 'Quick Scan/'Full Scan'. In any instance after completion of this one, click on (Done) and your System CPU should drastically go down. Also doing a restart afterwards will accomplish the same.


                    Also being offline/Browser closed etc, will use less resources as well when running a scan.

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                      I found the "Done" button.  It made the tray icon change and the hover notifications change.  I also closed everything except task manager before the next scheduled scan (running now).  It helps a little, the CPU load was 10% to 20% lower for most of the time.  Now it's back near 60% and staying there.  I had 6 programs running before (including Task Mgr.), so I had closed 5, including Firefox and T-Bird.

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                        Great !!! Let us know your final results please. If you feel that your questions have been adequately answered, please mark as Correctly Answered. As this will assist others should they have similar questions.


                        All the very Best,


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                          I forgot to say that I found that choosing "Virus and Sypware Protection", shows me a "Scan in progress" (so does the main interface).  Then when I click "Scan", it shows me the actual progress (percent complete and the file currently being examined).


                          Thanks very much for your help, catdaddy.  Might make you chuckle to know that Intel Security called a few minutes ago, and I told them that my issue is solved.  Many thanks again!

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