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    ePO web-API limitation with listing large numbers of endpoints


      I've been working on some specific automation tasks with ePO web-API and have discovered that there seems to be a limitation or bottleneck that slows it down when asking for a list of thousands of endpoints.



      I can succesfully get a list of endpoints via command-line with curl.exe, or sending the same web-API command via a browser, but only if the number of endpoints in that group is approximately 500 or less.

      Command syntax: curl -k -u username:Password "https://server.domain.local:8443/remote/epogroup.findSystems?groupId=3&searchSub groups=true"


      When querying other groups that contain well over 500 endpoints (many thousands) it chokes and doesn't return anything. I've let it sit for over half an hour on a few occasions, but never got a response back from the server, so just hit ctrl-C and used the normal web interface to export a list of endpoints like normal human beings do. Sadly this means I am now unable to automate the export of endpoint names that I can then work on programmatically.


      I have an SR open about it and support have confirmed that the behaviour is consistent and happens for them too, however they left it going for 2 or 3 hours and it eventually returns results, but unfortunately with the quite lengthy delay. I've asked whether this is something that can be configured within ePO web-API, and will see what they say about that.


      My question is: has anyone been able to get around this apparent limitation with ePO web-API not returning large numbers of endpoints via command-line?