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    Agent 4.8 / 5.x with Relay Server (may not default port at installation time)




      I'm wondering how relay function in MA would work when the agent ist installed the first time / at a fresh machine and has no connection to ePO (e.g. DMZ). As far as I know relay function is not enabled by default? And even if its enabled - then only for default port I guess?


      So how get it work in this case:


      - DMZ with already one Relay server installed (at a non-default port)

      - new MA installed on machines in the same network segment - that have to use the relay server



      If there is no best practise or "works by default" way to do it (eg. the thight policy is already included wehn downloading MA msi from ePO) ... maybe configuring the relay server as an SA would do it (as this should be included in te installer/sitelist?).