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    Multiple machines using same MAC address


      Platinum support was not helpful and I need to get this issue resolved!


      Something is going on with ePO.  We are on 5.3.1.  I have multiple machines using the same MAC address, it is supposed to be a one to one ratio.  When I say multiple I mean I have 613 machines with the same MAC address.  And within those, the same machine might be listed multiple times.


      We already tried KB52949, adding a new entry in the ePOVirtualMacVendor table did not work.


      We have also tried KB57886.  This might be working as we did this yesterday and numbers may have slightly decreased but I don't think that is resolving it.


      What I believe is related to the underlying issue (whatever that is) is we have machines filling up our Lost & Found...so basically they aren't being sorted into their respective OUs as we are synching with Active Directory.


      When speaking to support yesterday, because adding the entries to the ePOVirtualMacVendor table didn't work, the only thing they told us to do was manually delete the duplicates.  I have no problem with doing this but since we don't understand what is causing this to happen, I believe machines will just keep duplicating so what is the point?


      Can someone help?!