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    MOVE Agentless sync fails, "dc code is already running"


      Hi guys,


      our MOVE sync task keeps failing and the server task log shows us this info:

      "Failed: Syn Operation complete, Account Name : BLA.bla.net, Sync Status : Failure, Reason : java.lang.RuntimeException: dc code is already running"

      The task is running for about 13 seconds before it quits like this.


      When I look into orion.log on the ePO server, I can see these entries (ignore the time stamp, I just picked random entries):


      2016-04-16 19:12:32,485 ERROR [core-CommandInvoker-thread-10] fullDiscovery.PersistenceService  - VCenter account - BLA.bla.net ; ePO leaf node creation for Host/VM - 210 nodes are failed to add to BLA-DC-BLA-CLUSTER1. DB Rollback is excuted

      com.mcafee.epo.core.EPOMultiTenantException: The computer w/node ID=171025 does not belong to the user context in the connection

      followed by some "at" entries, then:


      2016-04-16 19:12:32,501 ERROR [core-CommandInvoker-thread-10] scheduler.FullSyncSchedulerCommand  - java.lang.RuntimeException:  dc code is already running

      com.mcafee.scor.exception.ScorException: java.lang.RuntimeException:  dc code is already running


      No other MOVE related task is running at the time and the sync task itself runs every 15 minutes.

      When this occurs, it does so for a couple of days, 2 or 3 at a time, then the task begins running normally again, without any changes to the system.


      Any ideas? I don't know what's going on, as no credentials have been changed in the Datacenter Connector to explain the user context entries.