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    DLP 9.4 Application Conflicts


      Recently upgraded to DLPe ( 9.4 Patch 1 HF 3 ), there are 2 applications not running with this version installed which were ok with 9.3

      The first is Sage Billpay Professional, when this is launched it immediately crashes and logs an application event in the windows event log, there are no other relevant logged messages in McAfee logs, since this was the latest change to this PC we removed DLP and the application runs ok again. I tried doing a DLP client Bypass but this made no difference.

      We're also having a problem with Cisco AnyConnect 3.1, when this starts it's vpnui process and DLP fcag process consume high CPU and the PC freezes and renders it unusable


      Anybody come across similar problems or any suggestions for troubleshooting ? is it possible to whitelist processes ?