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    Problem with McAfee Drive encryption not working with Agent 5.x including the newer


      We have been having an ongoing issue with Drive encryption with any version of Agent 5.x including the newly released We have been seeing that encryption policies won't be enforced with agent 5.x. On the agent status monitor EEADMIN disappears. If we revert back to agent then the policies will start being enforced again and EEADMIN shows up under the agent status monitor. I have spent a lot of time with McAfee tech support and don't seem to get anywhere with them. On the Drive Encryption System Status screen, on the client, it won't show a policy enforcement time stamp like you see with agent 4.8.


      It is very frustrating as it is stopping us from using agent 5.x as we need to have encryption work. Anyone else seen  policies issues with drive encryption when using agent 5.x?