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    ESM shows a red flag for system integrity check failure system integrity verification failure




      I have received above error msg in our SIEM and as per the article McAfee KnowledgeBase - ESM shows a red flag and a system integrity check failure i found the below result but i was not able to identify exact package name to uninstall, can anybody came across the same situation?? if so please help me out.



      [00002,226610 %000.0000] packages expected but not installed                                                                                                  0

      [00003,226610 %000.0001] packages installed but not expected                                                                                                  0

      [00004,226610 %000.0001] liborder                                                                                                                             0

      [00005,226610 %000.0002] perl-Net-Pcap                                                                                                                        0