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    True Key Lock Out


      Hi All - a terrible thing has happened.  "Somehow" - it may have been a 12 year old downloading Adobe Flash - True Key has been installed on my computer (Windows 7).  When I start up the PC it comes up with a Windows "Select User" button and a "Skip to face log on" button.  If I select User it comes back with "No Profile found" - if I select Skip to face login it takes me through a setup process, takes my photo and then asks for an email address - then kicks me back to the two button "Select User" or Skip to face": buttons.  And I go around in circles getting nowhere.  I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY COMPUTER.  I can't get past the Logon screen - I can't get in to uninstall it or to check my profile.  Reinstalling Windows may be the only way?  Help anyone?

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          I suggest you go straight to telephone Technical Support and escalate the issue immediately if they can't at first solve it.

          They're open 24/7 in your area HERE

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            If they can't help, post your session ID # and I will enlist the help of our resident techs.

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              Thanx Ex_Brit - I had a look at the True Key installation video and there are a million questions/options to answer/choose.  The 12 year old swears she didn't answer or do anything after downloading Flash so I don't know how this could happen.  It seems?? True Key can't find my profile because there isn't one to find?  I'll escalate it and see what comes.  My worry is that even if I reload Windows that True Key will still be there, even if I load in Safe Mode.

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                I feel your angst ;-)

                A thought:  can you boot into Safe Mode?

                If so, try starting System Restore to go back to before this all started.


                (Windows key + R, type rstrui.exe and hit Enter)


                Tell the 12-year old to watch all updates/downloads for "optional" extras, there are almost always at least 1, maybe 2 or even more included with just about anything these days.  The advertising helps keep things free of charge, so they say..

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                  Hi - just spent an hour with the Support Team - looks like its Safe Mode then Un-install - surely can't be that easy?  We will see.  Too, thanks for the tip with Restore Points - I think Windows was set to do automatic Restore points - I will check.  I'll let you know the outcome in a day or so.

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                    That should hopefully just take a few minutes.  If successful, temporarily disable System Restore to delete the restore point you don't want, and then restart it. Good luck.  If not OK please post the session ID they gave you for the call.

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                      Truekey will be available as an optional download with Adobe Flash Player. Check Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions

                      Truekey has a Windows Face Unlock feature (for Windows 7 only) where you could logon to Windows with your face. Glad that you are Okay

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                        Hi Ex,

                        Eventually all solved - it was a combination of TWO problems - or maybe 1 1/2 problems.  True Key was loaded accidentally and soon after (I'm told it could have been an interrupted auto program update???) the Windows User Profile got corrupted - so on boot up I was faced with a corrupt User Button and a True Key Button that only allowed me to take my face photo - 100 "selfies" later I gave up and called for help.


                        I removed True Key through Safe Mode but repairing my User Profile was a bit more cumbersome:  Meant Safe Mode and using the command line with RegEdit:


                        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList.  Some folders with the name starting S-1-5 followed by a long number.  The folder with a .bak at the end, rename to remove the .bak part.  Select the folder with the .bak in the name, then in the main Window double-click RefCount. Change the Value data to 0, then click OK. Close the Registry Editor and Restart computer.


                        Anyway it worked - now I can sleep at night!

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                          Thanks and good luck ;-)

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