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    Syncronising multiple groups with one domain

      Say I have the following setup:

      PARENT - |
      | - CHILD
      | - CHILD2
      | - CHILD3
      Both parent and children are setup to perform an NT Domain sync with domain X and there is an automated task which performs this sync for all groups.

      Since both are syncing from the same domain and getting the same information, how is it determined which container workstations fall into?

      The reason for this question is that currently I have a parent container doing a sync, then systems are moved to sub containers based on tags. The problem with this system is that system which no longer exist in the domain are not removed from the System Tree because they are no longer in the group performing the sync. I want the child containers to remove these systems, which means setting up domain syncing, but what I don't want to do is have six containers all adding the same machine at the same time.

      Syncing based on AD containers is not an option because ePO does not support AD over port 636.