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    Intel Anti-Theft locked my laptop at BIOS, need assistance


      I have an ASUS laptop with Intel Anti-Theft purchased at Amazon a couple of years ago.  Soon after the purchase I took a flight

      somewhere, and before I boarded I activated the service. 


      Now due to a series of technical issues related to the upgrade to Win 10,  the BIOS became corrupted and needed to be reset. 

      When we pulled the CMOS battery,  the laptop restarted to the Intel Anti-Theft screen with the message stating that the computer

      has been disabled due to Platform Attack.


      I opened a service issue with McAfee - then called today to follow up.  She informed me that Intel has discontinued the product,

      and gave me a number at McAfee Windows Support who were allegedly set up to support it.  They do not.  The tech on the phone read

      a prepared script that informed me that they cant help me.  

      Searching on this board I see other people with the same or similar issue,  moderators are taking these issues on and helping.  I

      have the proof of purchase from Amazon, and my login and password to support.mcafee.com that I used to originally register

      this laptop.  Many thanks in advance for any help provided

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