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    Insane Data Usage


      My data usage had gone insane so I installed a program (GlassWire) to see what was up. True Key 3.8 GB in a few days. Next closest was Firefox with 400 MB. Needless to say I uninstalled it. Blocked it in my firewall and beat it with a hammer Tell me a story about it....

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          It's possible a technician will spot this but as you've uninstalled it, there isn't much that can be done.  I haven't seen any similar reports.

          The best people to help at that time would have been Technical Support which is free and one can escalate the case up the line if at first an answer isn't forthcoming.

          I assume you had True Key installed alone and not part of a McAfee suite (I see Avast mentioned there).

          Contact Support

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            Hi enchanter

            That is odd. Please let know if you reached out to support already.

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              Sorry I couldn't login for a few days. I was not capitalizing properly for my sign in lol. Anyway my data usage is now back to normal. Almost nothing. Which is important as I like using Netflix and such. Honestly didn't even want the program. They slid it in with Adobe or Flash or something. My bad. Glad I caught it before Comcrap started sending me nasty letters. More of something I think people should look into and check for themselves. I'm no longer concerned about this problem as the offensive program is now deleted. But I think anyone using it should be aware of the situation. If someone wants to pass this on to support with this link, please do. I know many people have throttled internet and would hate to see them getting high bills over this. Just trying to be nice with a word to the wise

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                Check out the massive difference since I installed the monitor on May 5, removed True Key on May 6, and now. WOW! Only thing I did was remover True Key. It was using an incredible amount of data. People will get their internet turned off over this! The graph has dropped off to near nothing. I confirmed this on the Comcrap usage meter also.glasswire2.jpg

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                                         Due to the age of this discussion,could you confirm if your issue has been resolved?


                  Thank you