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    How to Make ePO server default Repository

      Does anyone know of a way to make the ePO server the fallback repository if the primary repository fails or doesn't have the most current update?

      We have over 200 sites and each site has a repository. I have the clients set to pull updates from the closest repository (by subnet). I know ping time would probably be ideal but unfortunately ICMP is disable in some parts of the network. Supposedly the ePO agent runs a complex algorithm to decide the next closest repository and pull the updates from there...... That doesn't seem to work to well. The best I can tell is that if the IP scheme is at location "A" and the update fails it will then try to pull and update from the next "closest" repository which it thinks is (location “B”) or (location “C”). In our network and could be on a T1 connections 35 miles away. All of our sites are connected via a T1 or Fiber back to our Data Center (where the ePO server is) where they then connect to the internet (on a 1 GB Fiber connection) etc.

      To make a long story short I basically would like if the workstation are unable to pull updates for whatever reason from the local repository they then pull updates from the ePO server. I know this can be done by making a repository list for each site (blaa) but I would rather not do that. That would be a lot of up keep for 200+ sites. You would think there would be away to make the ePO server the second option if the main repository fails. Any thoughts?