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    McAfee Drive Encryption EE0F000D Account Expired


      I've run into a strange issue. My Company uses McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1. A couple weeks ago, I had to change my Windows Admin account password to include 16 characters, minumum. I'd imaged a laptop, which was encrypted shortly thereafter. I used McAfee Agent Status Monitor to Collect and Send Props, Send Events, Check New Policies and Enforce Policies until I verified in the MfeEpe.log my Admin had been added as an Encryption user on the laptop. I rebooted, but I was not able to login to the McAfee Drive Encryption PBE login prompt. As a result, I can no longer login at McAfee PBE on any laptop with the same account. On my first login attempt, there is a 31 minute lockout. If I allow the timer to expire, the lockout changes to 62 minutes (this happens without touching the laptop). After 62 minutes, I receive the above mentioned EE0F000D error. Could this be an issue with my Admin account token in EPO? Thanks.