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    high availibilty


      how you realize a high availibilty for the ePO server? I heard, McAfee recommand a cluster only for at least 10.000 nodes ( is this right?).

      What loss of time you think respectively you accept?
      Do you have installed an other ePO server, which you start in the emergency case? Or do you take a new server and install this in the emergency case?
      What commendation do you have?

      greetings, wolf
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          If you go cluster then you get automatic failover however, if you get a power outage at your cluster location the cluster won't help you much.

          If you use a hot stand by at a different location then you might have better protection for power failure but it will require manual intervention to get it going on the network and you also have to make sure anything you do to the production one you do to the stand by.

          You also have to consider doing the same thing for your DB assuming it's not on the same server.