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    Renewal Date?




      I not long ago got a 90 day reminder of my auto-renewal date on 26th June 2016 for my Total Protection. However as always the renewal price is quite pricey so I went to Argos & picked up another copy covering all devices for £19.99, which compared to the £79.99 renewal price is a steal.


      My question is if I install the new version now will that attach to my account as starting from 27th June 2016 or will I lose a month & a half subscription? I could obviously wait to install it but I'm interested to know if I can install it now.


      Many thanks

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                         Yes you can indeed install the 'New' subscription now if you want. First you will need to uninstall your near to expire subscription from your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Add Remove/Restart. Then use the 'MCPR' Tool to remove any remaining remnants/Restart.


                           Then go to your account and install the New subscription.




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            Not sure but I do know that you'll need to uninstall via Control Panel, then run the MCPR cleanup tool & reboot before installing the new one, otherwise the old one will bug you for renewal.

            Best telephone Customer Service and ask them about the subscription overlap (or not), it's a free phone call.  Also you can turn off renewal on your account page, or ask them to do that.

            Contact Support





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              Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of the uninstallation & reinstallation process as I did it last year. Unfortunately this was after it had expired so I have no idea what would happen to the expiry date if I install the new one now? I would like to think it would be 26/06/2017 but who knows? Perhaps I'll try it for the sake of other users finding out the hard way as renewal prices are quite steep.



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                Already switched off auto-renewal thanks

                As mentioned in my reply to catdaddy I think I may just give it a go & report back for future reference.



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                  Good Luck:)

                  All the Best,


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                    OK, good luck ;-)

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                      Okay so I have my answer & it's not the one I was hoping for but at least this way others can learn from what I've found out. I purchased my replacement product from Argos as I did last time it expired.


                      The McAfee Total Protection package came with a link to go to for activation. This was www.mcafee.com/activate & was total garbage! After some digging I found this link for your activation codes:



                      So having uninstalled the not yet expired Total Protection & installing the new one what was the result? See for yourselves:

                      My account.jpg

                      Yup as you can see the new product starts from the activation date & not from the expiry date of the old product. So if anyone else is doing the same as me you're best off waiting until the very last minute before activating your new product so you don't lose any days, or weeks in my case!



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                        Funnily enough I now click on the McAfee link that 'was' garbage & it now works??? For some reason when I had no active McAfee software on my PC it went to the software purchase site & that was it! #confused

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                          As long as you are OK now.   I think having the same type of suite also helped.

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