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    Agent pointing one wrong ePO Server -- Please help

      Dear all,

      I am working currently for a company that manage around 120 000 computers with ePO and Agents Version, and we want to move it to ePO 4.0

      Let me first describe the environment where I have my problem....

      For testing that the upgrade goes good, we decided to test the upgrade procedure in a test environment, similar to the production one (one epo server, one sql server, same characteristics)

      I decided then to copy the configuration of the live ePO server to the one of the test, i did like that:
      - Installed epo 3.6.1 on the test server
      - linked the database to a copy of the live database
      - Copy the folder DB, but not the certificate and keystore folder

      Everything was correct in the test server and it has the same configuration than the live one (same directory, repositories, strategy of products, tasks, users, ....)

      The problem now, is when I want to add new managed computers (by using manual installation with the new framepkg pointing on the test server),
      they point to the live server!!! (in fact they point to the test server first for a while, then they switch....)

      Can someone explain me why, and how to solve this problem?

      I really hope that i was clear in my explainations, i can give more details if needed....

      Thanks for yr help.....people....