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    Client tasks with ePO 4 and VSE 8.5

      I'm having problems with the client tasks and I'm wondering if I have missed something basic. I've created a client task that upgrades from VirusScan Enterprise 8 to 8.5.0 patch 5 and this works fine.

      My question is regarding the other tasks; updating DAT's and running on demand scans. If I create these client tasks in the ePO console, shouldn't they be visible in the VirusScan Console on the Workstations? or am I supposed to use the designer if I want to have the Console on the Workstations list other tasks that the default tasks?

      I've temporarily disabled the default update task, listed in the Console on my test workstation to see if the client tasks I've made on the ePO server is working.

      Server: 2003 R2 - SP2 with all current critical patches (april 21. 2008)
      ePO: 4.0 build 1083
      AV clients: VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0 patch 5
      ePO agent: