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    Best Practice

      Hi All

      What is the best practise to setup an epo in a domain with app. 20 ou's with a 300 workstations?
      I have been tweaking my installation for months and it seems like some of the machines never get reported back to the epo and therefore are not managaeble with the console.
      I have followed the instructions in the mcafee guides and made the following tasks

      task start time command line
      deploy mcafee agent 8 am /INSTALL=AGENT /SILENT /FORCEINSTALL
      deploy mcafee av 8.15am none
      update mcafee dat files 8.30am none
      deploy engine updates 8.40am none
      agent wake up call 8.50am none

      all tasks are repeated every 30 minutes between start time and 8 hours later.

      i don't know if this is the way it should work but i have tried some many different schedules before and it just doesn't seem to do what i want it to do.

      thanks for your reply