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    Agent Handler or Super Agent confusion


      Hi, I am planning to install AH but i just want to know whether i should go with AH or Super Agent? we have three site locations 1. Current site; 2. H.O. at different location; 3. Private network at different location, but these 3 sites are in same city.

      So, do i need to go with AH or Super agent to receive updates from ePO. What I get to know about AH is, it will talk to SQL for every 10 sec's and we cannot change the time interval; Bandwidth consumption will be more.



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          Hi karthikk,

          it depends what you want in detail. Every solution has advantates and disadvantages, which denpends.... :-)


          Agent Handlers, as you explained Need direct Access to the EPO database. They are working similar to the EPO Server but without any GUI. An Agent Handler provides Policies for the Client and also parses the Events an writes them directly into the EPO database. Therefore AHs should only be used when there is less latency between the AH and the EPO database. An additional benefit is, there is no replication Task needed.


          Super Agents are using a Pipe Connection. There are working, but in the past we got Troubles under heavy load. The actual Versions are using lacy Caching, which is fine. You Need a replication Task for them. WAN Connections with a higher latency are always not the best Option when using Pipe Connections or UNC Connections.

          In a Situation with higher TCP latency i prefer FTP/HTTP Repositories.


          Finally it depends on your Needs based on Connection Speed (latency) or amount of Clients.

          Hope this helps,


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            It depends on number of endpoints and network speed.


            You could setup SuperAgents and replicate them during nights.

            Or you could send all endpoints to http/ftp without SuperAgents or Agent Handlers.


            How much endpoints you have in eecha site? Do you have good or bad lines?