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    Error Code 0 McAfee Antivirus Plus


      My pc was supported with McAfee LifeSafe from the beginning, so after the trial had expired I renewed it right away. Unfortunately my pc was reset just two days ago after encountering an error, so my McAfee back to the expired lifesafe. I uninstall the expired one, download and reinstall McAfee Antivirus Plus (which hasn't expired), but I got this error code 0 during installing eventhough my wireless connection is working perfectly.

      I tried using MCPR, restart, execute the preinstall, and tried install it again. But it's still error.

      I also tried virtual technician to troubleshoot the problems, but after fixing some stuff its still saying error 0.

      Do I need to update the windows before installing? I just reset it, so I haven't had chance to update it. It's windows 8.1, 64bit, i7

      I really appreciate your help, since my pc is pretty much defenceless now...