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    MDE 7.1.3 active PBA on skylake processors


      I have ran into a issue with HP systems that run the new skylake processor.  The drive encrypts fine with autoboot enabled and works as expected.  the issue is once I flip the policy to active and reboot the machine turns into a brick, no mouse or keyboard functionality.  Only way to recover is to decrypt drive via the DETech recovery.  this has been a major issue with us for the last 30 days.  finally talking with one of the Platinum support group on a different issue I mention this to him and he had the solution, or should I say work around until McAfee can fix the code for this issue.


      To resolve this issue until the code is corrected go to Policy Catalog\Drive Encyption 7.x\ sub Catagory\Product Settings\ Your Active Policy and edit that.  Under the Out-of-Band tab uncheck Enable at PBA.


      We have been having issues with this for 30 days, hopefully this will save some users some headaches.