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    Service request number: 1989903134


      I have called about this issue a number of times.

      My laptop had a hardware change which activated the Anti-theft technology.

      This Anti-Theft was registered for the email address:removed for your privacy & security by Moderator

      I see the below error message when I start my laptop:




      Now, I do not have either the Passphrase or the Server Recovery token so I cannot unlock my laptop.

      I cannot go even in the BIOS screen. So, I cannot even reinstall the OS.


      As you can see in the error message, it says "For help, contact http://mcafee.com" and it also gives the platform id:00013042 and provider id:5000.


      I have provided proof of purchase of my laptop in the past and can provide again if needed.

      Please help resolve this ASAP.




      Neeraj Tiwari

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