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    Help! I can't uninstall the MES for mac...


      Hello, everyone in the communities!

      I am a home user of Mcafee but recently I met a problem of business edition.


      Here it is:

      My friend borrowed my Mac and returned yesterday. I found that he installed the Mcafee endpoint security for mac on my Mac.

      I want to uninstall it but I failed after trying many times and many ways. Such as using the "  sudo /usr/local/McAfee/uninstall EPM" by Terminal, but the feedback always is "uninstallation failed"...

      There are also some problem of the MES. The ThreatPrevention was not working as well as the Update part.

      I asked the Support of Business but she refused to provide help because I can not tell them the name of company. I only have the grant number given by him.


      I tried to close the process but I failed, too.


      what's more, there is no EPO (which I don't know what is)


      Please help me