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    Dragon Naturally Speaking software


      When I log off from Dragon naturally speaking, the log off is usually interrupted by a message saying  file 'A' cannot rename file 'B'. Following this up with Nuance am told that this is an interaction with Mcafee software and to add file names to their  'exception list'. That sounds dangerous and complicated. How do I do it and what are the dangers?

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          Peter M

          Without more detailed explanation I can't think what this might be. What McAfee software do you have? 

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            Peter M

            Moved provisionally to Consumer > General as a better spot.




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              It seems that 'Dragon' is a Speech Recognition Software, googling it shows safe. Perhaps contacting Technical support?


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                Thanks for responding to my cry for help and apologies for the delay in me getting back to you. The problem I have is not Earth stopping, just annoying and frustrating.


                This email may seem a bit large but I am trying to give as much information as possible. I am currently using Dragon Naturally Speaking software V12. This is a voice recognition package and allows me to dictate letters and control the computer with very little use of the keyboard (it is currently being used to write this email). The software automatically "learns" your style and voice as it goes along and hence continually improves its recognition of what it is hearing.


                There are two times when the software updates its files and it is during one of those that I regularly get the annoying feature. This the occurrence happens when I "close Dragon". Before Dragon closes it will update its user files to reflect the work done in that session. It is during this process that an error message appears saying "cannot rename file A to be file B, access is denied" (this is a paraphrase of the message)


                For information the other time files are updated is during "audio optimisation" which one carries out occasionally as it can take two or three hours to run. Clearly this optimisation program will also update file A but does not seem to flag up the same error message.


                The visit to the Nuance website indicates that this is not an unusual problem and suggests that it is associated with running McAfee software at the same time. Three or four files are listed with the suggestion that these should be added to the McAfee software "exception list"! I must confess at this point I am beginning to be lost.


                The McAfee software I am running was identified by the McAfee website as "live safe V14.0"


                I'm sure I noticed on a couple of visits to the McAfee website that some of their software does not have an "exception list".


                Although I consider myself relatively computer literate, I tended to "use" the machine rather than try and delve into the "inner workings", i.e. software, more than necessary. Perhaps my current problem is lack of confidence or just plain worry about "breaking" the software!


                Either way any help or pointers would be hugely appreciated


                Regards D Statham


                (AKA Grumpy, see below!)

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                                   Thank you for your correspondence. While I can sympathize with your issue, Unfortunately we as Moderators cannot assist you. My recommendation is to Contact Technical Support and explain your circumstances. As the Technicians have tools to inspect your software.


                                     If you feel you need to escalate your issue, please do so. Simply furnish the Higher Tier support your SR#. It is quite possible that one of our 'Forum Tech 2.5' will pick up this thread and quite possibly add to the discussion. However being they are in another Country, and unsure of their work hours I cannot promise.


                                     I wish you all the very Best, you can contact Technical Support by following this link: https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/contact

                                      Via Phone being the most expedient...




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                    You may find it beneficial to also submit the software following these Guidelines/Instructions; What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal

                    I must add that since it did not detect the software as a 'False Artemis'


                    I would definitely contact Support first.

                    Just my Humble opinion....

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                      exception list are a set of file location that antivirus software would skip to scan. "Nuance" has requested you to add the user files to the exception list so that the antivirus does not prevent "Dragon Naturally Speaking software" from making changes to them.

                      If you are aware of the file name and location have the user files added to "Excluded Files" under "Real-Time Scanning"


                      Please open Live safe click on "Navigation". Scroll down to "Real-Time Scanning". Under Real-Time Scanning go to "Excluded Files"




                      Note: By design when we click on "Real-Time Scanning", "Settings" options are visible. Click on the word "Settings" to view the "Excluded Files" option.


                      Click on "Add file" option to browse to the location of user files related to "Dragon Naturally Speaking software". Add all the files that you have be advised by"Nuance" to the list.


                      Restart the computer try working with Dragon Naturally Speaking software and check if you still have issue while you log off from it.





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                        Thanks Sanjay ,


                                           For some reason I was under the impression dermots had already attempted to do so...Sigh. My bad for not reading more closely.



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                          Were you able to save user files of Dragon Naturally Speaking software after adding them to excluded files list?




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