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    Data Source connecting to a Win10 system not supported????


      Hello, I am trying to create a data source to a Windows 10 system and when I go to test it, I get a Unsupported Version error. I am using the Data Source Model of Windows Event Log - WMI and have tried with RPC checked and unchecked. I have also ensured that the user I am using is a part of the administrators, DCOM, and event log group as specified here -> https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 25000/PD25083/en_US/Microsoft_Windows-Ev…. Below is the window that pops up. How anyone got this working on Windows 10? If so, please assist. By the way, I am on v9.5 MR8. Thanks in advance.