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    Web Gateway 7.6.0 unable to block file upload to https website


      Hi All,


      Have you all tried McAfee Web Gateway 7.6.0? I've encountered the issue when want to block upload for HTTPS website. I've tried with Dropbox and Hotmail, all the attachments pass through without being blocked by media type filtering. I have followed the McAfee KnowledgeBase - Web Gateway - How to block Web Mail attachment uploads and downloads by media type for arrangement rules but still unsuccessful to block the upload. Below are my screenshot :

      My arrangement for rules followed the knowledge base.

      For Media type Filtering - Blocked all categories except gov and finance

      Inside the Rule set - Criteria Cycle.TopName equals "Request" and MediaType.EnsuredTypes = all extension I ticked except application/x-empty.


      If you need more information I will provide and whoever know or happens to you do let me know if its a bug. Attached also the rule tracing during upload to dropbox.


      Thank You.