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    Unable to push out VirusScan task.


      We just finished up setting up ePO 5.3.1 - Got everything configured and went through the guided configuration where it helps you setup AD sync, choose default policies and tasks. I have a few test computers added and successfully installed the McAfee Agent on them. I have a task to push out Endpoint protection and VirusScan. On the test machines, it does show that the agent and endpoint security installed but I don't see that VirusScan installed. It does have a previous antivirus (Security Manager AV Defender) which after reading, should be uninstalled but when looking that the agent status when it checks in for the task, It eventually says "The Task (Task Name) has failed". Am I doing something wrong? I attached a screenshot of the task.

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          Your configuration looks good.

          Assuming, the agent is allready installed, the client should get Virusscan.


          If the installed antivirus software does not get uninstalled, you could try uninstalling it manually and then try the task again.


          Actually we have issues / an open case with pushing VSE to client computers.

          There's some kind of problem with tasks itself since a short period of time.


          Workaround (dirty):

          - Deactivate your client task

          - Activate your client task again

          -> Works


          The issue we have at different customers is still investigated by McAfee.

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            Why do you want to install Endpoint 10 and Viruscan on the same machine? It hasn't sense... You only need one of these products on your endpoints, Endpoint 10 is the next generation of Intel Security endpoint protection, It replaces VSE.

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              You are right - We didn't realize we had to choose one. We ended up installing Endpoint Protection.